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Windows 10 Upgrade On My Home Based Business PC

Not looking forward to it.



That is one of the thrills of working from home, being on several learning curves at once. Proper diet and working from home I am certain is a good recipe for preventing Alzheimer’s.

I hesitated for a bit but everything I read said 4GB was plenty on my PCs.  My next incarnation is going to be a 32GB memory monster but I am so busy with other projects right now I cannot put in the time. I like building my own boxes although I am might tempted to just buy one that is DONE.

Wish me luck!



Well, I have to say, I am pleased. The interface is different, but I think I am going to like it. I could not for the life of me find Internet Explorer 11 for a couple of reasons.

  1. That Edge is its replacement was something I missed. I tend to be focused on the intricacies of SEO, social media and the price of gold and silver. That being the full plate that it is, I missed out on Internet Explorer being retired in Windows 10.
  2. I am hard headed and don’t like being told what to do and to use. I saw my Google Chrome links on my desktop and did not want to use it.

Then, I did a genius search asking Google ‘What is the best browser for Windows 10?”

I came up with this link, which, not really surprisingly said Chrome was the best. What did surprise me, again, because of my being focused on other things besides the latest fashion hysterics amongst Microsoft Corporation Interface fashionistas was that Internet Explorer came in dead last on nearly every performance test.

Also, this link gives you the option of joining ZD Net and getting a free guide called ‘How To Get The Most Out of Windows 10 File Explorer.

I  mean, wow.

Edge did come in a dragging second, but judging from the way it opens my pages, I frankly hope everyone uses Chrome. I will re-optimize, of course. Thing is, with Chrome, little seems to me needed.

Best Regards,

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Tim Singleton


5 Reasons You Should Stop Shortening URLs

(AP Photo/Francisco Seco)

“A recent paper by Cornell Tech researcher Vitaly Shmatikov and independent researcher Martin Georgiev demonstrated that shortening URLs  can have serious privacy consequences. Because shortened URLs are so short, they are vulnerable to brute-force scanning, meaning that attackers can guess multiple shortened URLs and read all of the working ones. The researchers looked at Microsoft MSFT -0.95% OneDrive and Google GOOGL -0.51% maps URLs shortened using They found that shortened URLs shared on a cloud service are effectively public. In the case of Microsoft OneDrive, they’re vulnerable to malware injection as well.

“In the case of cloud-storage services such as Microsoft OneDrive, this not only leads to leakage of sensitive documents, but also enables anyone to inject arbitrary malicious content into unlocked accounts, which is then automatically copied into all of the account owner’s devices. In the case of mapping services, short URLs reveal addresses and—via easy cross-correlation with public directories—identities of users who shared directions to medical facilities (including abortion, mental-health, and addiction-treatment clinics), prisons and juvenile detention centers, places of worship, and other sensitive locations; enable inference of social ties between people; and leak other sensitive private information,” the researchers concluded.

Although Google has responded by lengthening URLs and blocking automated scanning and Microsoft no longer allows OneDrive users to share files using shortened URLs, previously shared links are still live, and the exposed data is still vulnerable. But the fact that private shortened URLs could become public is not only reason not to shorten URLs. There are others.”

I had no idea that shortened URLs could be so problematic and dangerous. There is also the idea that some folks could get angry at a misleading title to a link.

This article goes on to explain that twitter now automatically shortens your URLs so no need to do that for Twitter anymore.

“Shortening URLs used to help you save precious characters on Twitter, but this is no longer the case. ALL URLs are now altered to 23 characters.

TL;DR: Using the full URL promotes honesty, transparency, and good digital hygiene. Posting shortened URLs does the opposite.”

You can read the rest of this excellent article here.







Tim Singleton

New To Online Marketing?

New To Online Marketing?

If this is of help to you, please comment below and use the share button to tell your friends and tribes about us.

Online Marketing Jobs

Up front, I want to be clear that if you are looking for online marketing jobs this is not where you want to be. This article is aimed at the entrepreneurial type who is looking to master online marketing strategies that will help him or her move their own products and services or those things for which they are acting as affiliate marketers.

Online Marketing Companies

It is an easy position to defend to say that all companies are ‘online marketing companies’ these days. They range in size and capacity from your local web designer who is using Google Neighborhoods to build his clientele of small businesses for web design services to the multi-million dollar advertising agency serving companies like Amazon, eBay and so on.

…and then, of course, we have you.

The question is, what is it you are trying to do online?

What Does Your Brand Say About You?

We here at Earthtiger Networking are in the business of helping you learn to brand yourself and market you to your customers. So, in order to succeed at online marketing definition of your target market and positioning yourself as an expert to that market is critical.

“How do you do that?” you ask.

Branding: Your Customers Are Buying YOU, Not Your Product

Folks do not like to be sold; folks like to buy. I agree the issue is somewhat a fine point at first blush, but the difference is critical.

You can spend your time selling, exhausting because you have to start over again next month, or you can spend your time building a relationship with a customer which means they will buy from you every time they have a problem you can solve.

Don’t sell, market.  To be specific, engage in attraction marketing.

Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing means to provide value to your market place before they ever buy from you. I know that sounds somewhat unintuitive, especially if you are in financial clench mode.

To build long term, repeat business customers you have to prove that you are:

  1. Interested in solving their problems
  2. Capable of solving their problems.

You do this by solving small problems up front for free, aka ‘providing value’ so that when big problems come along they already know and trust you. Knowing you and trusting you means they are willing to buy from you.

One of the ways you can do that is look at your personal knowledge base and skill set.  Is anything in that knowledge base related to the goods and services you are offering?

In online marketing PDF downloads make for really powerful marketing pieces for you. A really strong move you can make is to put together a paper, as in a downloadable PDF, exploring that area of your expertise and give it away for free.

Now, you can do that as a way to provide value up front or you can also use it as a free incentive with the purchase of something else.

Hope this helps.

new to online marketing




Tim Singleton

Online Marketing Tools You Need For Your Business

Online Marketing Tools for Small Business

Online marketing tools for small business are all over the place. They range in price from free to tens of thousands of dollars. Some are subscription based.

Some of the pricey ones are a total waste of time while some of the free online marketing tools are indispensable and cannot be done without.

Some are so arcane in their application that really, they should not be offered in a broadcast way.

A small business owner who simply wants to know how to connect to his customers has no business buying web analytics research papers commissioned by someone like eBay for which he is charged several thousands of dollars.

He or she likely won’t read it. If they do, they won’t understand it. If they do understand it, it is likely it presents no actionable information based on his or her business.

It is a waste in my opinion.

Nope, the small business owner needs to recognize what the successful online marketers continue to say:

“The money is in your list. Building your list is more important than just about anything.”

Your list is composed of the folks who read your newsletter, your blog. They do LOLs at the cat pictures you post on your Facebook profile.

The people on your list are the people who have said to you, “I want to hear what you have to say.”

Making Your Brand Stand Out

Yes, your brand. If you are not up to speed on the concept, many small businesses and entrepreneurs of all stripes are not, you need to focus on this.

What is my brand? What does it mean to my customers? What do people think of when they see my company name, logo, me running around in my truck?

Embrace the idea that your brand speaks for you and your company. If you don’t have a plan, that’s okay. MLSP does have a plan and its track record is quite impressive.

You need to build your set of web marketing tools so that you can build your brand effectively. Doing one thing this week and flittering over to something else next week is going to result in your online advertising tools never having the time to work and your brand remaining undeveloped.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing tools can include an autoresponder that automatically sends a thank you email to those who sign up to receive your newsletter or to be notified when you update your blog.

It can also include an automated set of sales letters in a set that are sent out every so many days until the prospect buys or calls it quits.

It is said that the money is in the list…and in the follow up. A Customer Relationship Management product helps with the follow up.

You are running a business. You’re going to need a Customer Relationship Management package. Here’s the one I use.

It provides more power than many packages costing ten times as much.

SEO Tools

Your online marketing tools are going to have to include SEO tools so that you can give Google a reason to send people to your page. A couple of quickie notes that will help:

  • Google loves WordPress.
  • Common wisdom says an article should be between 300 and 750 words.
  • While you will need to use your keyword in the title and in the body of your post, don’t overdo it. Too high an incidence of your keyword and Google will consider it keyword stuffing and penalize you.
  • OnlyWire is a good place to share your articles once your write them. You can pay like $60 bucks and set up a thousand links to which you can post your articles for exposure.

If you enjoyed reading this, please comment and share. If you have questions about anything I shared here, please feel free to ask.

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Sundays, What To Do?

What To Do On Sundays

You could try to rest. I promise you all the work you have worried about all weekend will be there on Monday morning.

Just a thought.

The source escapes me for now, but I do remember reading or being told that the President of the Church made the comment that, absent other pressing matters of a spiritual nature, he could think of no better way to spend the Sabbath than taking a good long nap.

What Not to Do On the Sabbath

This subject I am going to leave be for two reasons.

  1. It is the Sabbath and odds are you know what you should and should not be doing already.
  2. The human race is at a point right now where if you tell it to not do a thing, it will burn down nearly half the planet showing you how he can do anything he please.

Consider Your Life

If you are happy and satisfied or desperate and miserable, Sundays are a good day to consider your life.

Think about where you are.

Ask yourself if this is where you want to be.

If it is not, what do you need to do in order to get where you want to be?

Wherever that is, you cannot get there without deciding to do so and taking the first step in that direction.

Sunday: Not Just Another Day Off

I tend to be very lazy on Sunday myself.   We are instructed to rest, but seriously? Some folks pack an entire week of work into that single day.

“Oh, but we’re doing the Lord’s work.” Well, be that as it may, some folks can get burned out working all week, many working six days a week and then cramming a week’s worth of church related work into one day.

It is called the Sabbath, a day to rest. I don’t think the Lord would have prescribed a day of rest unless He knew we would need it.

Here is a good article to check out on things to do on Sunday, too.

Best Regards,

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Tim Singleton

A Quick Link to a Few Awesome Resources

Blogging Resources and Training

You need to go here and review the Blogging – 3Min Expert – Attraction Marketing Edition course. I purchased it and am more than pleased at the depth of education it provides guided by the man who is arguably THE greatest blogger rolling right now. Making money blogging without the use of paid advertising is not only the dream of all bloggers, it is a necessity to many. This will help.

Still struggling with this? Check this out. The Authority Content package supplies you with done for you, unique to you, high quality articles on a daily basis.

Just a quickie!


Tax Time: Having A Small Business Helps

Start A Business To Reduce Taxes?

Creating a business for tax purposes is an excellent thing to do because the side business deductions can significantly impact your final tax bill.

Now, I know the issue makes a few folks twitchy because you see news stories and made for TV movies about folks having trouble with the tax man.

I know how you feel. I felt the same way.

After doing my due diligence and researching the issue I found that the time and effort required to keep proper records to take advantage  of the tax law also gave me additional tools and information I needed to make my household a more profitable enterprise.

What Is An Eligible Small Business for Tax Purposes?

I don’t think it matters too awfully much. As long as your business is a legitimate business providing goods and services to your customers and it is run from your home I would think it eligible for using as a source of deductions to reduce your tax bill.

Now, having said that let me add this. While I am not a tax professional it is my understanding that after some period of time your business has to generate some kind of income in order for you to continue to use it to generate income tax deductions.

Besides, you have the business, right? You might as well try to make it profitable.

So, it is my opinion that the best business for tax purposes is one that sells products or services about which you are truly excited about using and representing.  If you like what you are selling and believe it to be of value to your clients then the question of which business is best for your tax situation becomes irrelevant

Your Tax Team

You are going to need a tax team of qualified professionals and I am not on it. That is my way of saying I am providing this in an effort to help but you will need your own trained professionals to help you when it comes down to keeping records and filing.

Years ago I was an agent with Northwestern Mutual Life. One of the things drilled into me was that no one can do everything and that the best plans come from teams of professionals.

Your team should consist of the following:

  1. Accountant.
  2. Tax attorney.
  3. Banker.
  4. Life insurance Agent.

You probably won’t need them all starting out but as your business becomes profitable the choices and options expand greatly.  The four types of professionals working together can create a quite strong set of protections between your wealth and those who like to confiscate it.

Tools for Tax Savings

As we discussed above you will need to hire talent. I don’t mean like a full time accountant. You will just need to begin to develop relationships with local professionals so when you have a problem you already know where to go.

In an effort to find ways to reduce taxable income small business owners will have to invest in not only talent, but also some tools.

Quicken or QuickBooks or similar software packages are essential. You won’t understand everything at once but as time goes on and you develop a need for the capabilities of the software it will come.

Which accounting software are you going to use? Money? Quicken?

You might want to get your accountant person in place first, then ask them which one they use. It will save time and you have someone to ask question of besides the software’s helpline which is generally not staffed by accountants.

How are you going to keep records? I use Day Timer but the Franklin Planner or Day Runner are fine, too. You may go through several until you find the one suited to your brain. How will you know? Because it will be one you finally start using every day.

How are you going to manage your relationships with your customers? A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management package is essential. It is my opinion there is a 100% chance you will leave money and lose customers if you do not use a CRM. These can be expensive.  Here is the CRM I use.

Business Loss Tax Deduction Limit

  • You can deduct as many expenses as you incur for the year.
  • If you have income as an employee, you can deduct business expenses that exceed your business income from your regular income.

There are also ways to carry losses forward but that is a subject for you accountant. As you build your business and it becomes successful the issue of how to reduce taxes for high income earners will move from being an issue that puts you out like a light to one that makes you light up like a Christmas tree with excitement.

Here’s to keeping more of what you earn,





Tim Singleton

Here are a couple of links related to the subject at hand:

When You Don’t Feel Like Working

When You Don’t Feel Like Working

Straight disclosure, the inspiration for this article is one by Ray Higdon, one of those I consider a mentor and go to guy on a number of things. His article was entitled ‘What to do When you Just don’t “Feel Like It.”’

Struggling as I have been from an on the job injury and the reluctance to do the right thing on the part of those responsible I have found myself caught between enduring the constant pain of bone on bone pain combined with burning numbness in other areas or taking the medications needed to ease such sufferings. In either case, I simply do not feel like doing what I need to do.

Please take note, I am using the present tense on purpose and with purpose.

Well, guess what? The universe does not care. Even those who say they do will get tired of hearing about it so you might as well’s to man up and do what you know you need to do, ‘feeling like it’ or not.

Nobody Feels Like It

There is not one super successful person who got that way by only working on the days they ‘feel like it.’

I should not have had to have Ray tell me this, but well, hey, it is what it is and I am grateful for the instruction.

It’s embarrassing, really. There is a lady in the Philippines who went direct on a limited product line, from a wheelchair. I am at least walking. It is an ugly walk and I look like I am crossing a deck in 30+’ seas, but I am walking on my on power still. Cannot lift much and cannot move fast but at least I am still moving on my own power.

…so screw this “I don’t feel like it” crap.

I don’t feel like going somewhere 8 hours on many days in order for someone else to tell me what to do all day, either. But I do it because I REALLY don’t feel like not eating or not paying my bills.

Super Successful People MAKE Themselves Feel Like It

Folks like Ray, Rob and Brian are just like you and me. The blood flows through their veins and when they get tired or upset or aggravated, they, too, feel the blood pounding in their heads.

Ray lost it all in the real estate crash. Rob thought he was going to die and leave his family destitute. Brian was a youngen who, at a young age, got a very clear vision of what it would be like to be someone else’s indentured servant until he is my age, like I was, and said, “No. Thanks ever so much for thinking of me, but…hell, no.”

I Don’t Feel Like It Days

On days you don’t feel like it, those are the days when you double down and scream at the universe, metaphorically or actually, as you like… You scream at the universe that you are going to do it anyways.

The ‘I Don’t Feel Like It Days’ are the days that either condemn you to spend your life with the ones who don’t even try or separate you from the wishers and wannabes and reward you with laurels given to those who ran the race anyways and won.

Below are some links to training I have used, personally use and have profited from.

Blogging – 3Min Expert – Attraction Marketing Edition

23 Productivity Secrets ($9)   ← $9, Wow!

Best Regards,

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Tim Singleton



Twitter Training!


Twitter is dear to my heart, folks.


Because unlike on Facebook where everyone is a Constitutional Scholar, an economics professor and a rocket scientist holding forth regularly, on Twitter you have to be disciplined.

You have exactly 140 characters to make your case and point them to a link to which you hope they will go.

140 characters.

Twitter Manners

Folks seem to be nice on twitter. Perhaps that is because you can use your 140 in a flash rage or you can civilize your response and probably wind with a better result.

We are told on our blogs that it does not pay to bounce around. You need to stay on point. From what I have seen, that is good advice to use in your tweets, too. I suppose it is okay to occasionally tweet about something off topic, but as I think about it a separate personal Twitter account separate from your business account is a good way to go.

Twitter Training

Twitter Marketing Training

Finding a Twitter for business training course that works is maybe not so easy.  A conversation with a well known multiple six figure earner indicated that many times all efforts will go unanswered and unrewarded.

If, like me, you like Twitter and would like to gain some more insight and knowledge on how to use this concise social media platform for marketing or for your business in general, then you need to go here and sign up for tomorrow’s webinar.   I did.

Best Regards,





Tim Singleton

Again, click here to go to the Twitter training tomorrow night. -Tim

Why Gold and Silver?

A Painful Post

‘Why Is It So Hard to Save Money?’ was a post I put out there sometime in 2015, It was in August, I believe.

It was hard to read.

It was even more difficult to write.

Posting it was painful, too. It seemed it was impossible to finish. It was like 1300 words long and I had only written what I thought was half of it.

It was uninspired, too long, and to be completely honest an attempt to persuade you to join my gold business without seeming like I was selling.

So, let’s get that out of the way.


Numbers don't lieKaratbars International is a company that sells gold in gram amounts making it affordable for those of us who cannot drop $23,776.00 on a 20 coin tube, more if you fancy the American Gold Eagle (or even the current 1 ounce price of $1,188.00.)

The gold content is LBMA certified giving you the best assurances available that you are getting what you are paying for.

LBMA stands for the London Bullion Market Association. Having the right to have your bullion products stamped with the LBMA assurance is not an insignificant achievement. Karatbars, International has to meet strict criteria to be able to continue to use LBMA in their product line.

Karatbar’s Pricing

A few complain this is an expensive way to own gold. Simply put, if you buy more you pay less per unit bought. Everyone understands this. Besides, at a current price of something like $63/gram from Karatbars versus Credit Suisse 1g BAR.which does not have the LBMA stamp we can see that Karatbars is competitively priced to compete.

Karatbars As A Business Opportunity

Joining is for free. Sign up here and start promoting your link. If you sell a Karatbar card or subscription you get paid.

Karatbars Is Not A Network Marketing Company

Why do I say Karatbars, International is not a network marketing company?

  1. It is free to join. There is no cost to be an affiliate.
  2. You get paid for selling whether you buy or not. There is no requirement to personally buy gold monthly to receive group commissions.
  3. In the Dual Team System you can not personally sponsor ‘unlimited’ people to your ‘front line.’
  4. You are building two teams and your commissions from your group production aren’t just 6 to 8 levels deep. They are Unlimited.
  5. You DO NOT LOSE any unused units each week. They stay there until you cycle them. (There is no ‘flushing.’ You will get paid on your work.)

Back to the Original Question: Why Gold and Silver?

People ask me why I prefer to keep a significant percentage of my ‘savings’ in precious metals.  “It earns no interest,” is a common complaint. Warren Buffet is famous for saying this.

Will Rogers is often quoted as having said, “I am more interested in the return of my capital than I am in the interest promised on it.”

Well, now, there is some question as to whether he really said it. That is okay because I, me, Tim Singleton, am saying it. Money is hard to come by, money has to be worked for and earned. I want to know I can get to the money I earned when I need it.

Sometimes You Cannot Get To Your Money, If It Is Even Still Yours

Remember Cyprus?

As I understand it, the people of Cyprus went to bed on a Friday night and awoke Monday morning to find that a significant double digit percentage of their deposits had been confiscated to satisfy some of their EU creditors. Anything over €100,000 in your account was confiscated to the tune of 47.5%.

The EU confiscated 47.5% of Cyprus depositor’s money.

Now, I know there is a certain demographic who thinks this is just the bees knees …punish the wealthy! Yar!  What they forget is that most small businesses have on hand deposits in excess of €100,000 that is earmarked to make payroll.

Not hard to imagine that a lot of payrolls did not get met that week.

A Golden Birdie In Hand

As we can see, money in the bank is not so secure anymore. Governments have decided they can just take it and most people will not have the power to fight it.

If you have your gold in hand, in your possession, the act of confiscation has to rise to a whole different level of animosity between the people and their beloved government. Same goes for your cash. Used to be everyone laughed at the old person with all their money in their mattress or buried in Mason jars out back.

Folks in Cyprus probably no longer laugh at those types, I am sure.


The value of your dollars can be inflated away. They print more money to pay bills or provide benefits and it diminishes the value of the cash you have in your hand because it will buy less than before.

Japan has done a new thing, a frightening thing. Their central bank has applied negative interest rates to savings. The Western economies are flirting with this.

So, it would appear that we can say your money may not be safe because:

  • A bank crisis can close the banks creating uncertainty as to when you can get your money.
  • Governmental, and now banking institutions, have a track record of confiscating large portions of depositors’ funds to cover their mistakes.
  • Inflation is just as damaging as confiscation. It is just more insidious because you don’t see its effects immediately.
  • Now you not only have to deal with inflation in prices, but in negative interest rates on your savings.

Safety, Security, Surety

Gold is safe. Gold is secure. Gold gives you surety as few things can.

For the last several thousand years, an ounce of gold has bought the same amount of goods and services unaffected by inflation.

If you have ten ounces of gold in hand, you have ten ounces of gold in hand. That may seem as if I just repeated myself but I did not.

  1. If you have ten ounces of gold in hand it cannot be seized from your bank account by decree. (Unless you keep it in a safety deposit box.)
  2. The Cyprus government nor any other government can grab 47.5% of your 10 ounces leaving you with only 5.35 ounces of gold.
  3. No central bank can just willy nilly ‘print’ more gold, making your 10 ounces worth less.
  4. No government can repudiate your 10 ounces making them worthless the way they can their currency.

Most investments are someone else’s debt. A stock share means you own some amount of a business. That share that you own is a debt owed by the company.

Same as a bond. That bond you own and count as an asset is a debt owed you by the company issuing it.

Gold has no counter party risk. It is your asset; it is not someone else’s debt. While the price of precious metals do fluctuate, there is no risk of it becoming worthless.

While the risk of whether cash, or fiat currencies, can become worthless is a matter for debate – I see little short term danger of the dollar becoming worthless mostly because it is in nearly all governments’ interests that the dollar remain stable, for instance – there is zero risk that an ounce of gold, silver, platinum, rhodium or heck, even copper, will become worthless.

Metals are real money with no ability to become worthless. Fiat currencies have an unbroken track record of eventually becoming worthless. In my opinion it would appear that converting some portion of your fiat currency to what I personally consider real money is a good idea.

Go here to check out how you can get started converting some of your own money to gold. You can also evaluate whether this is a business you want to be involved in at some level.


Tim and MaryJane




Tim Singleton